Being a “THAKUR BOY”

There is only one thing, i like about being born as a Thakur boy…

That we are born with a Will,

And then follow what we Dream with so much joy…


Its not about we have more Resources than anyone’s around,

But its about showing Courage to achieve what we have found…

Pride and Stubbornness goes deep inside all of us,

Some agree to it and some don’t think they are Also one of us…


When we want something, its not about getting it or not,

Coz we will follow it with our whole Pride and Emotion which we got…


We are not the trees, who can bend with the blowing wind,

Instead we will stand straight and protect the weak behind…


Storms can show their strength but trees are the symbol of resistance,

They are not meant to bend, or else they are plant after such incidence…


Some people feel safe only because for their safety, strongs are ready to stand,

Just think once what will happen, if the soldiers on the borders too bends…

Only strength will rule the world, And weak will not have any stands


Being a thakur boy, we are the symbol of strength and pride,

We can fall but we cannot dangers the one we hides…


Fear is same, but who cares for consequences,

We are the pride thakur boy, you can check history for evidences…


We are not just the statue of arrogance,

We are the symbol of strength and resistance…


We do not compromise, we do not settle for less,

Either we will get what we want, or we will die with our stubbornness…


Some says, we have a lot bigger world after death,

Being a thakur boy,we will again dream something and will carry on with our stubbornness !!!


– Nikhil Rawat


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