Words Unspoken

Words Unspoken !

It is not AGGRESSION like most people think,

there is a FIRE inside which i am not able to SINK…

I have no idea why i am always resting on my TOE, instead of FEET,

but with FIRE around, you are sure to feel some HEAT…

I don’t want to HURT anyone around,

but there are FEELINGS which i am not able to BOUND…

Sometime you think may be i lack EMPATHY,

 but i am not the one who just “SHOW OFF”  on the name of SYMPATHY…

FEELINGS of mine is ,somewhat like a CHILD,

If you will HURT it, then you should prepare to see something WILD…

I know some of you will consider this as AGGRESSION,

but then it  also came out of an EMPATHY which turns into an ACTION…

I don’t know, what is RIGHT and what is WRONG,

and its a fact that i cannot hold myself STILL for long…

I have no IDEA, how is the road of my life AHEAD,

but i am sure that i’ll get up and RUN even after striking a block with my HEAD…

I am not the person who is very attached to my FAMILY,

but still i am holding myself back for them ONLY…

There are only FRIENDS who think that I am CHILL,

and that’s because till yet they haven’t found out my PAST DRILL…

I don’t want to HIDE anything for any ONE,

but when i am HIDING it, then it must be good for NONE…

Now I have more strength and it is not HURTING me anymore,

but the FIRE which i am trying to suppress is getting BIG more and more …


but when there is no reaction, then there will be only EXPLOSION…

And EXPLOSIONS are good for NONE,

neither for ME nor to ANYONE …

I know i will make this FIRE work SOMEDAY,

but for now i can only say SORRY to everyone and requesting them to THINK as if,




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