Upcoming Game Animation

tiger-roar hen-walk Dog-run  cow-anim dear-walk

Pahelika Revalation- Game Animation

floating-flag keymaker stone-lifting-magic_upd sc06_scr_small_almirah0 monk_anim bird flightbook_anim

Froggyl “Chase”

Fun animation sequence  with some prototype characters.

Luxo Jr. Pixar

This is the re-production of a very famous Pixar animation sequence  “Luxo ” . I did the modelling regging , aniamtion and rendering.

How To Learn Animation

Start off with the Principles

ball-fall tail-anim ninja-action hunter-run

Principles of animation is what we all should practice if we want to be into this field and learn really well.Principles can help you learn better and faster and that’s what i did for my animation learning, there are mainly 12 principles of animation which you can find in many books and lecture of animation. like Squash and stress,anticipation,slow in and slow out etc. learning and practicing these 12 principles will definitely makes your life easy.

P S – Ninja model (modelling and rigging by Lee Salvemini. I only practiced animation over the rigged model.


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